Monday, May 27, 2013

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

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Why is Ringo Starr not going on tour?

After John Lennon’s death, Paul McCartney was quoted in an interview saying that he thinks The Beatles will never get back together. Ringo Starr still holds these feelings and thinks that technology is not going to fill the void that was left was John Lennon’s’ life was taken. As well as this Ringo Starr has had a lot of difficulty with drugs ever since The Beatles broke up and he claims he is no longer capable to play the drums the way he used to because of this. Although Ringo will not be on the tour with Paul McCartney he has wished Z Inc. and Paul McCartney the best of luck in his final tour.

television rights

We will be selling the rights to film and broadcast our concerto north American and European television stations across the world who will feature each show as a charity fundraiser hosted by Z Inc. these rights will open up the opportunity for countries that are not being performed in but have intensions to help out the Make a Wish Foundation to donate to our cause.  Selling these rights will provide profit for Z Inc. with television while having them as charity fundraiser shows will generate donations. 

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remember a majority of profits go to Make a Wish Foundation

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The merchandise that we will be including in this tour will feature our logos of the Magical Mystery Tour, the merchandise that will be available will be tee shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, hats, bracelets, pins, CD’ and posters, the price range will be from $2.50 for a pin to $60.00 for a sweatshirt.

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Sunday, May 19, 2013


Our marketing strategy for this Tour is to remake the Beatles legacy that existed many years ago. We are planning to do this by taking old album covers and transforming them into album covers of Paul McCartney and the Holograms. This will attract our target market, the baby boom age that are looking to relive their youth. The main theme of this tour is to make the audience feel like they are back at the venues and shows we are taking the tour to. One main way we are achieving this atmosphere for our tours is performing in the most famous venues that the Beatles have previously performed in, as well as this we will be having Paul and the Holograms sing the songs that they sang at their previous shows in order to achieve the authenticity of a real Beatles show

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Saturday, May 18, 2013


 The first Venue that the magic will occur in has been confirmed to be the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium in Manila, Philippians. This is a show that Beatles preformed on July 4th as well  in this exact location in 1966. the show will be going on from 8:00 pm-12:00 am and will feature Paul McCartney and the Beatles holograms for a full 4 hours of amazing music.

The next Venue on out tour is the Kungliga tennishalleh in Stockholm Sweden on July 12th. This venue is usually a tennis stadium but on their first world tour the Beatles traveled to this location and transformed it into the concert of a lifetime. The Magical Mystery Tour is planning on doing the same and so much more, this show starts at 7:00 
pm and ends at 11:00 pm.

The Magical Mystery Tours next stop will be in New Delhi India were the Beatles will be preforming in the Siri Fort Auditorium. This Auditorium  although not previously preformed in by the Beatles is a auditorium that famous artists go to preform in when visiting India. This show will take place at 8:00 pm-12:00 pm on July 16th.

The second last stop on this tour is on July 20th in Sydney Australia, although no shows by the Beatles have been done their in the past our research has lead us to believe that the Beatles are a iconic band over in Australia and that the Magical Mystery tour will be very successful over there. The show will be at the Sydney Opera House and will go from 8:00 pm- 12:00 am.

And finally our last stop on this tour will be at London England at the Wembley stadium where the Beatles had their first show in London. We thought the best place for a group like this to end at is where it started. even though only Paul is going to be there with three holograms by his side its going to be a final goodbye to a band that has revolutionized music forever. The show will go from 8:00 pm- 12:00 am and be held on July 26th. 


Your Wishes are Coming True

The Make A Wish Foundation

For this Magical Mystery Tour we have decided to pick Make a Wish foundation as the charity we will be donating too. This cause fits the event perfectly for multiple reasons, the first being, that granting a wish to kids between the age two to eighteen is in itself magical and thus fitting the name of the tour perfectly. Secondly, we have decided that music is something that should be available to everyone, and a disease should not restrict that. In picking this foundation we have as a goal to make some of the kids hard life a bit easier and filled with more fun. The goal of the Magical Mystery Tour is to grant as many wonderfully Magical Wishes as possible.


History of the Beatles

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were called the “Quarrymen” before officially changing their band name to “The Beatles”. The Beatles would be classified as a rock band. John was the Rhythm guitarist, Paul was the main singer as well as a bass player, George was the lead guitarist and Ringo was the drummer. The band’s professional career lasted for about 10 years, 1960 ~ 1970. During the early years of the bands success the fans created a term called “Beatlemania” which was used to show how amazing they are. The fans would always chant Beatlemania, scream or do whatever to show how they feel. Since The Beatles originate from England their largest fan base would be English. In 1963 the band decided to record a few songs for an album that they would create later on, the response to their songs was unbelievable. There songs were also charted top 10 on the music list. The fans were so in love with their music that sales sky rocketed to the millions. Some of their famous songs are; “Love Me Do”, “Please Please Me”, “From me To You”, and “She Loves You”.

The Magical Mystery tour is coming to take you away

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Meet the Beatles

John Lennon was born October 9, 1940 in Liverpool, England. He is a very famous musician, singer and songwriter who is a proud member of the legendary rock band, The Beatles. John started his career by being a solo artist who sang wherever got the chance. In 1958 John joined a band that consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. Before agreeing upon the famous name “The Beatles” they had many different names. By 1960 the group of boys decided that they would enter the music industry as “The Beatles”. In 1975 John decided that he would take a break from the music business due to the birth of his child, Sean Lennon. He spent 5 years loving and taking care of his son. Being a musician came naturally to him, as if it was his second nature. John’s role in the band was a vocalist and a rhythm guitarist. His life was taken at the age of 40. John Lennon passed away December 8 1980 in New York City.  

Paul McCartney was born June 18, 1942 in Liverpool, England. He is an English musician, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer. From 1957 ~ 1960 John Lennon and Paul McCartney met and created a group called the Quarrymen at the age of 15. By 1960 the band was able to agree upon the named “The Beatles”. Paul composed one of their biggest hits “yesterday”. He is a very talented musician who can almost do anything. Paul is still alive to present day; he is currently 70 years of age.

George Harrison is a famous musician known for being the lead guitarist for The Beatles. He was born February 25, 1943 in Liverpool, England. He had a successful solo career before joining the band but even after joining the band his success only continued. On December 30 1999 a man named Michael Abram (36 years old at the time) broke into Georges house and attempted to kill him with a knife. In May 2001 it was official, one of his lungs was infected with cancer. His cancer only continued to spread throughout his body. A brain tumour was also found a few months later. With this chaos happening George’s life was finally taken on November 29, 2001. He passed away in Los Angeles, California at the age of 58.  

Richard Starkey who’s nick name is Ringo Starr was born July 7, 1940 in Liverpool, England. Before joining The Beatles he was the drummer for a band called the Hurricanes. He gained popularity and fame by being the drummer for The Beatles. He can do more than drum, he can also sing. For a large portion of their songs Ringo would sing along. The original drummer for The Beatles was Pete Best but Ringo replaced him in 1962.

Magical Mystery Tour

The Magical Mystery Tour is going to take you away.  The Magical Mystery tour will ultimately be touring in 5 different countries worldwide in between July 4th and July 26th of 2013. We will be taking Paul McCartney with his former band, The Beatles, on a world tour recreating their most famous shows including shows in the Philippians, England, and Sweden. We will be resurrecting the famous band by spending 1.2 million dollars to build life like holograms of Ringo Starr, George Harrison and John Lennon. 20% of the profits will be going towards the Make a Wish Foundation in order to grant wishes to all the kids that are in need of a little magic in their lives.